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What is Oxford

T-Shirt Company?

Say hello to a man’s best friend.


The first thing you consider when you are listening to Mike Tatum describe his Weiner dog, or rather, his love for those elongated, perhaps particularly overly persnickety breed of canine… it's what in God’s good name does his dog have to do with t-shirts?


Nothing. Or perhaps everything.


It must be about love...


"I’ve seen old men and women driving around my little town in their rusted out trucks and just the same, in newly waxed Cadillacs with man’s best friend on their lap, head stuck out the window, tongue waving in the breeze. Most times the family pet gets the best in scraps from the dinner table. I remember a woman telling me, that everyone will get the exact right pet… their companion soul-mate only once in a lifetime. For me… that’s true. How many times have you seen a dog with a rhinestone collar or in a little doggie sweater for the morning walk, when the sun has not quite burned off the previous night's chilly atmospheric remains?


We are in… and I mean into dogs… and shirts. We celebrate over a beautiful design… when the ink rests into the fabric. When a customer smiles upon the first sight of the same. We embroider the coolest designs on anything that will take a stitch. We high five when the machine performs to our satisfaction. We cuss like prodigal sons and daughters when it doesn’t. (We offer up prayers later… of course.)


We have a great little family here at Oxford T-shirt co. We all love each other, and our dogs. We love our cats and goldfish too, but never of these species made it onto the logo so I surrender this notion here.


At Oxford T-shirt Company, we make the shirts that we hope you will cherish like your best friend.


It’s just as simple as that.


May God bless you, your pet, and your t-shirt of choice."

- Mike Tatum

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